Whether you're a big reader or looking to build a better reading habit, reading lists are a great tool to track and organize your literary goals. 

Here are 13 reasons to keep a reading list:

  1. Organize: Keep your reading materials neatly organized so you can stay on track with your reading goals.
  2. Remember: Don’t lose track of the books you want to read or have already enjoyed.
  3. Reading Goals: Set and achieve your reading goals, whether it's a certain number of books or exploring specific topics.
  4. Track Your Progress: Track your reading journey and accomplishments over time.
  5. Prioritization: Decide which books to read first based on your interests and priorities.
  6. Never Forget a Title: Never forget about intriguing books mentioned by friends or on booktok.
  7. Curate Your Personal Library: Build a curated collection of books that resonate with you.
  8. Read Widely: Explore new genres, authors, and perspectives to broaden your horizons.
  9. School: Compile reading lists for academic studies, research, or self-learning.
  10. Professional Development: Stay updated in your field or industry by reading relevant materials.
  11. Share Recommendations: Share your favorite reads with friends, family, or followers.
  12. Exploration: Dive into culture, history, and ideas through literature.
  13. Personal Enrichment: Use reading as a tool for self-reflection, growth, and intellectual enrichment.

A hand holding four reading list bookmarks, one each in Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Red.

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